The Day Before’s Servers Are Being Shut Down

the day before servers

The latest chapter in The Day Before’s ongoing debacle has dropped. In this portion of the story, we learn that Fntastic is shutting down the game’s servers on January 22, 2024, following the closure of the company itself (which officially takes place today) and the supposed refund of every copy of the game sold thus far.

It’s potentially the final episode in this awful saga that saw the collapse of Fntastic take place mere days after The Day Before was released and promptly met everyone’s expectations. By that, we mean that it was finally proven that the game was an atrocious asset flip of a game devoid of any substance or stability.

Is That The End?

In the statement released on Twitter, Fntastic wrote:

We regret to inform you that the development company Fntastic has officially ceased operators, and as a result The Day Before will be retired and the servers will be turned off on 22 January 2024

It was then stressed that Mytona has been working to facilitate refunds alongside Steam, and it was then further highlighted that Steam will be responsible for refunding any remaining players, which is a little strange. Finally, Fntastic expressed gratitude for ‘the community’s support’ and explained that without a development team on hand, The Day Before simply must come to an end.

Because that’s the reason why it can’t continue.

In case you’ve not kept up with this ridiculous journey, here’s our chronological coverage of everything that went wrong with The Day Before:

Can we call it quits now?

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