Scalpers Are Selling The Day Before For $200

the day before scalpers

The Day Before will possibly go down as the worst game in history – or at least the game backed by the worst developer in history. In recent weeks, The Day Before suffered from an implosion, with the open-world survival game’s long-awaited release finally arriving but signalling the end of FNTASTIC – the game’s developer – within a matter of days.

That’s right, The Day Before’s developer shut itself down mere days after the release of the game it had been building for years, stating it wasn’t financially successful and it couldn’t continue to support it. As a game, The Day Before was an actual wreck, and it quickly became a laughing stock online. Now that it has been delisted, rogue keys are being scalped, bearing price tags of up to $200 online.

Don’t Try It!

If you’re willing to pay $200 for The Day Before – which originally cost around $40 – then that’s your prerogative. I’d advise against doing that, though. It really is a broken, unstable game that’ll probably rot the inside of your PC within a matter of minutes, provided it doesn’t rot your brain first. There are absolutely no redeeming features wrapped up within the abysmal package that is The Day Before, but that’s partly why people want it – they still want to judge for themselves if it’s ‘that bad’.

It’s that bad.

Now that The Day Before has been removed from Steam, we’re seeing accounts bearing the game being listed for up to $1000, and people attempting to sell individual keys online for as much as $200 (found by SrGarrus on Twitter). It’s mind-boggling, but that’s how it works. It sold around 200,000 copies, but more than half of those copies were refunded a mere day later. It’s fast becoming one of the rarest, most historic games to own, and that’s why scalpers are ramping up the price.

Do you have a copy of The Day Before sitting in your Steam library?

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  1. Do your research next time the developers didn’t shut down they just changed their name. You can expect more scams from them in the future for sure.

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