Major Wolverine Leaks Appear Online – SPOILERS

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It’s been a week since Insomniac was the victim of hacking by a ransomware group, and now it appears that the group is ready to show it’s not playing around. Late Monday night major Wolverine leaks started to appear online involving gameplay, animations, locations, cast, and more.

Before you read any further, note that this article will contain links to what are possibly major spoilers for the upcoming game. Also, it should be known that these leaks, so far, are of footage as far back as 2021.

NOTE: All leaks and potential spoilers are hosted elsewhere. Insider Gaming is reporting on the leaks, and will not natively share. Viewing them at the source is at your discretion.

Insomniac Wolverine Leaks

One of the first things leaked was a couple of videos showing off parts of the game. The first is a look at animations from 2022 that include combat, multiple X-Men characters, Wolverine in the iconic yellow suit, and a lot more. The second video is short test footage of a small segment in the game that is dated from 2021. Both videos, should you choose, can be found online.

Also released was a gallery of concept art for the game.

In addition, major spoilers for the game, including the entire cast have been leaked online along with the locations in the game.

In total, it’s reported that the Insomniac leak is nearly 1.7 terabytes in size with more information to come, including non-Wolverine games the studio is working on.

What do you think of the Wolverine leaks? Do you think there is more to come? For more Insider Gaming, read about what the original director of the Resident Evil franchise had to say about ever coming back to the series.

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