Bend Studio and Naughty Dog Worked On An Unannounced Project

bend studio

It was recently discovered through information written up on the LinkedIn page of a Senior Gameplay Animator that Bend Studio and Naughty Dog were, at least for some time, working on an unannounced project together. In the job history of Adam Lawson – who has since moved on to Archetype Entertainment – it was written that he worked on an unannounced Bend Studio and Naughty Dog project.

Since the revelation surfaced online (courtesy of FaizShaikh7681 on Twitter), gamers have been throwing names into the pot to suggest what that project could have been.

The Most Likely Scenario

For many, the hope is that Bend Studio would be working on a Days Gone 2 or a new Syphon Filter game, but those are seeming increasingly unlikely as time goes on. We know that Days Gone 2 was shot down internally some time ago, and Syphon Filter hasn’t been seen for more than 15 years, so that’s a pipe dream.

Instead, the most likely scenario seems like a joint operation between Bend Studio and Naughty Dog to develop either The Last of Us Online (or ‘Faction 2’) or an Uncharted game of some description. This was previously referenced by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

Last year, it was stressed that Bend Studio was deep in development on a new IP, but all we know is that it ‘builds upon the open-world systems of Days Gone’. That isn’t much to go on, and since then, nothing more has been said.

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