PlayStation’s ‘Banning the Resale of Physical PS5 Games’ Term is 10 Years Old

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Yesterday, rumors began to circulate online that PlayStation introduced a new clause that would ban the resale of physical PS5 games.

In an effort to bring you the latest news as fast as possible, Insider Gaming also reported on this apparent breaking news late on a Sunday night as it was unfolding. It appears that the “news” first originated from YouTuber RGT 85 earlier in the day, which was subsequently reposted by multiple Twitter accounts.

Following this frenzy, Insider Gaming published an article on the news and after a few minutes of our post being live, the community revealed that this isn’t a new term at all. Insider Gaming promptly removed the post and is now clarifying the news for our readers and the gaming community.

Although this is a real term, it’s not new.

The term, under 7.1. of PlayStation’s Terms of Service reads, “You must not resell either disc-based games or digital games, unless expressly authorised by us and, if the publisher is another company, additionally by the publisher.”

It’s a term that circulated in the gaming community over a decade ago when it was updated for the PlayStation 4, which back then, prompted PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida to state that you can sell or share your disc PS4 products, despite the clause in the ToS.

As far as we’re aware, the clause hasn’t been changed or altered since its introduction 10 years ago. More than that, this is a clause that’s been in effect in some form of variation since the PlayStation 1. One Twitter user, named whereisaaron posted this picture, which is pretty much the same as the updated clause.

So no, you’re not banned from selling your physical PlayStation 5 games.

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  1. When I was a kid, sonic the hedgehog 2 on Sega Genesis even said “not good resale”.
    I think this is targeted at pirates or something, not entirely sure.

  2. Hmm, a “news” source that that publishes news articles off of Twitter instead of actually doing the research to confirm the validity… color me surprised.
    However. I will give you many kudos for owning upto it and correcting it. Not nearly enough news does that.

  3. Anyone remember the original Sonic the hedgehog cartridge? It was a picture of Sonic wagging his finger right above the text “not for resale” ….10 years old? Try 30…

  4. I agree with you completely and wholeheartedly. I was gonna mention something about them confirming the validity, But it looks like you got this….. Well done!

  5. Then why is it in the clause if he’s saying that we are allowed to resale physical or digital Sony products and if you think about it there would be alot of people to go after who do resale online like eBay, Amazion, WhatNot and end the end it would hurt Sony cause not everyone would know that until they get a email or message about it.

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