The Day Before: ‘Please Don’t Accuse Us Of Scamming’

the day before

This week, The Day Before will finally be released. It’s a day that has been up in the air for years, following legal disputes, postponements, and claims that this open-world survival game is nothing more than vaporware. On Thursday, December 7, we’ll get our hands on the game after all this waiting, and we’ll finally find out if it was all just some heated fever dream the entire time.

In a recent statement published before the game’s release, The Day Before’s developer, FNTASTIC, revealed that it ‘loves everyone’ and said it had created this game even for those that ‘didn’t believe’ in them. The team also pleaded with the internet, requesting that the gaming community doesn’t accuse them of ‘scamming’.

It Wasn’t Easy

In the statement published on Twitter, several stern remarks were handed down by FNTASTIC:

Please don’t accuse us of scamming; that’s not true. We didn’t take a penny from anyone. Please don’t accuse us of asset flip; that’s not true also. Our team worked night and day for five years to make our dream game a reality.

There were apologies made for not having the ‘best marketing’, which is likely a nod to the terrible and at times bizarre trailers that were released as an attempt to showcase The Day Before. In the message to the community, FNTASTIC thanked the devoted fans who protected the company from ‘injustice and fakes’.

It’s a tough time right now because nobody expects The Day Before to deliver, but at the same time, we’re all so hopeful that it will. It’s a fantastic game on paper, but what we’ve seen so far and how the project has been treated is enough to fill even the most optimistic gamer with doubt.

Are you going to be investing in The Day Before on December 7, or will you wait for the reviews to drop?

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  1. this should worry everyone. “yea it looked kind of shady on our end, sorry” would have been the better response.

    1. Thats my thought on the whole matter. This whole statement screams of pre-empting a terrible launch/game.

  2. I will wait, not bc I doubt in this game but all games today tend to show and promise what they don’t deliver.

  3. bought the game went to login all servers are full, the ones that arent full they give a connection error. fun times, already asked for a refund from steam.

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