Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Full Reveal Coming Next Summer

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Reveal

The full Dragon Age: Dreadwolf reveal is coming next summer, Bioware has announced.

The studio has released a new trailer teaser for the location of the game, the continent of Thedas.

“Enter Thedas, a vibrant land of rugged wilderness, treacherous labyrinths, and glittering cities – steeped in savage combat and secret magics. Now, its fate teeters on a knife’s edge,” the description reads.

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“Thedas needs a new leader; one they’ll never see coming. You’ll forge a courageous fellowship to challenge the gathering storm. Friendship, drama, and romance will abound as you bring striking individuals together into an extraordinary team. Become the leader and light the beacon of hope in their darkest moments.

Game director Corinne Busche gave a bit more detail on Thedas in the upcoming game by talking about three specific locations within the continent that players will be able to explore.

“[There’s] much more of Thedas is yours to see,” she said. “The desolate, beautiful badlands of the Anderfels with curtains of distant mountainous spires. The twisting canals and gleaming towers of Antiva, where Crows may lurk in any shadow. The turquoise seas of Rivain with its rushes of greenery and hardy sea-faring people. And of course, there’s more.”

When it launches, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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