Another Round of Layoffs Hit Microsoft

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Throughout the past 24 hours, several people have taken to social media to announce that they have faced layoffs at Microsoft.

It’s currently unclear the exact number of those affected or if they’re part of the 1500 estimated to be laid off in June. Insider Gaming has found four people announcing their departure from the company.

Angela Viness, a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft wrote, “Hello friends –  In light of the recent layoffs at Microsoft, my position was eliminated, and I am now on the lookout for my next career adventure. It was an incredible ride and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I was given.”

While Jessabirdy on X (formerly Twitter) said, “Sad to announce that my role with Microsoft has been eliminated. To all those who have been a part of Team Xbox. Thank you. Hope I made you proud. <3”

Cory Ebert, a Technical Program Manager said, “Well, this isn’t how I thought today would go. After nearly 15 years (seriously, two months shy), Microsoft has made the decision to end our working relationship effective immediately due to changes in the business direction and landscape.”

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it would be laying off 1900 employees at the company. In May 2024, it was also announced that Xbox would shut down four of its game studios, including Tango Gamewords and Arkane Austin.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Microsoft for comment.

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  1. Layoffs don’t hit these mega corps like they are passive in the process. They are the ones making the decision to lay these people off instead of doing something else to save money. Stop defending corporate greed

  2. These are the annual culling of staff at Microsoft, tied to the new fiscal year. Sometimes you add a zero to the total, but this is BAU at Msft.

  3. Microsoft IS done for, maybe when the x Box is offical dead 2029/2030, then MS can finally Focus in making a good Windows System, since they suck at both, x Box and windows

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