Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Load Details Revealed

Zenless Zone Zero, the upcoming action RPG by Genshin Impact creators Hoyoverse, arrives tomorrow, July 4, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Android, iOS and PC via Epic Games Store.

Interested players can pre-load Zenless Zone Zero through their respective platforms, which comes with a special bonus of up to 100 free pulls and 80 Boopons. These pulls and Boopons are valuable in-game resources that can be used to acquire influential A-Rank Agents, A-Rank W Engines, and more, giving you a head start in the game.

Hoyoverse recently highlighted the content you can access in New Eridu, the post-apocalyptic city from Zenless Zone Zero. This city is a sprawling metropolis with several distinct districts offering unique challenges and rewards. Players can explore ‘Random Play’, ‘Sixth Street’, ‘Lumina Square’ and ‘Scott Outpost’. The reception rate for limited Agents Ellen, Zhu Yuan, and W-Engine Deep Sea Visitor has also been boosted, making this the perfect time to jump into the game. 

Furthermore, the game is packed with new content, including three thrilling story chapters, including the newly updated Chapter 3: The Midnight Pursuit. Players can also look forward to engaging in new Agent Story missions, such as ‘Koleda’s Story’, ‘Rina’s Story’, and ‘Lycaon’s Story’.

And that’s not all! There are four exciting new events to keep an eye out for when Zenless Zone Zero launches, including ‘Friendship Supervision’, ‘Watch Your Step’, ‘141 Exclusive Bazaar’, and ‘Don’t Get Greedy, Vicious Dogs Within’. 

As we gear up for the release of Zenless Zone Zero, check out Insider Gaming’s reports detailing the system requirements for the game and providing an in-depth look at what kind of game it is. Are you planning to pre-load Zenless Zone Zero? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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