xQc Claims He’s Losing $6000 a Day By Not Running Ads

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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel might ebb and flow in terms of popularity, but he remains one of the most consistent streamers in the world and has spent the last few years sitting in a prestigious spot at the top of the table. He’s far from being the least controversial streamer, but his bizarre tendencies have often led to him trending effortlessly and have contributed to his staggering following on platforms like Twitch.

In a recent stream, xQc got onto the topic of Twitch ads, stressing that because he doesn’t run them on the platform, he’s losing around $6000 every day – which amounts to approximately $2 million a year, provided he were to stream daily.

That’s a Lot of Damage

The biggest Twitch streamers make passive bank simply by going live, with Twitch’s ad revenue payouts filling their coffers to no end. Some streamers rely on running several minutes of ads every hour, and some will lean into a clever operating model that’ll see them broadcast a string of four, five, or more ads while they take a bathroom break or run to grab some food. It’s easy money, provided you have enough viewers to make the most of it.

However, a few of the top-tier streamers out there opt to not run any ads at all, and xQc is one of them. In a recent stream, he admitted that by doing this, he’s losing thousands of dollars every time he goes live, but he was jovial in his breakdown:

It’s like $6000 a day. Literally made me lose two mil this year, just for you. See, I’m so charitable and cool.

Here’s the clip (I couldn’t transcribe everything he said because, quite frankly, I can’t understand a word):

In 2023, xQc signed a whopping $100 million deal with Kick, but the platform didn’t ask for exclusivity, which is why he never really stopped broadcasting his content on Twitch. It has been estimated that the superstar streamer earns around a quarter of a million dollars a month from Twitch revenue and sponsorships, so perhaps missing out on his ad revenue isn’t such a huge hit after all.

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  1. Doesn’t he have his Kick deal to hold him over? I guess his lawsuit is draining him.

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