Ubisoft Made An OP XDefiant Ability Even More OP

xdefiant spiderbot

Ubisoft’s first season is officially here and players are exploring all it has to offer, from the new GSK faction to the fresh weapons introduced to bolster the already considerable line-up. However, there’s one part of the recent update that’s proving to be a sticking point with players worldwide.

When ushering in Season One, Ubisoft tweaked the ‘Spiderbot’ ability that’s basically the bread and butter of the DedSec faction, making it so that you can no longer instantly remove it from your face when it jumps at you and attacks.

This has understandably vexed fans the world over.

Impossible to Defend

The Spiderbot has been an issue since players started unlocking and running the DedSec faction in Ubisoft’s fresh first-person shooter. It scurries along the floor almost unnoticed and then leaps at your face, stunning you for a few seconds before imploding. When it hits, you can’t see and you’re rendered almost completely immobile – and if that doesn’t sound bad enough, consider that there’s almost no way to defend against it.

If you see it fast enough, you can shoot it, or you can hack it if you’re playing as a DedSec faction member. The go-to defence originally was to look down and shoot, which 90% of the time would result in the Spiderbot instantly falling off. It could have been a bug, but it worked.

Now, Ubisoft has updated the Spiderbot and made it so that this defence tactic doesn’t work. If you don’t see it coming, it’s tough – you’re going to be stunned, and that’s that. Now, players are running the Spiderbot en-masse, with entire teams taking up the DedSec mantle to get their hands on this OP ability that can lock off a squad’s ability to fight in a matter of seconds.


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  1. What are you talking about? They doubled the cool down, and its not that difficult to shoot or melee. Why are you whining?

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