The $60 Million Esports World Cup Is Now Live in Riyadh

esports world cup

The Esports World Cup is now live in Riyadh, and from here, eight weeks of competition will unravel. This staggering, industry-leading event is set to change history, boasting a $60 million prize pool and more than twenty esports titles, covering everything from CS2 to League of Legends, and from Call of Duty to Rennsport.

The Esports World Cup Foundation put on an opening ceremony to open the monumental event – and what a spectacle it was. Despite some of the concerns around the EWC, there’s no doubt this was one of the most impressive moments in the history of esports.

An Event To Remember

The Esports World Cup is an all-new tournament being held in Saudi Arabia. It’s a gargantuan effort that more than 1,500 esports competitors are supporting, representing around 400 teams from a whopping 100 countries. It’s the most diverse and valuable event ever seen in the ever-developing world of esports, and it all began with a stunning opening ceremony.

In the broadcast, a grand stage was showcased in Riyadh, and before long, a group of masked dancers started laying down their moves. The EWC trophy was revealed under a sky illuminated by a plethora of fireworks, and a display of LED drones paraded around, painting the EWC logo high in the sky above Saudi Arabia.

Behind the scenes, a panel of superstar guests and presenters welcomed esports fans from around the world, with some taking the time to present some of the tournament stages that will play host to the world’s biggest gaming organisations, all of which are headed to Riyadh with the hope of winning millions of dollars.

Over the next eight weeks, the Esports World Cup will play out – which organisation will secure the grand prize in the Club Championship, which comes with a cash prize worth $7 million?

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