Valorant’s Console Trophy List Has Leaked Online

valorant console

During last week’s Summer Game Fest showcase, Riot came out guns blazing with a shocking announcement. The developers confirmed the console release for their popular first-person shooter, Valorant, with a limited beta rolling out for PlayStation 5 on June 14.

It hasn’t even been a whole week since the announcement, and the leaks have already surfaced. The latest one provides players with the complete console trophy list for Valorant. 

As per True Trophies, players will be able to unlock 16 trophies/achievements for Valorant on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, players should note that there are no Platinum trophies for Valorant on the PS5.

Besides that, it is surprising to see that there are more Silver and Gold trophies than Bronze trophies for the console port. In most games, some of these challenges wouldn’t be worth higher than Bronze. Challenges like dealing 500,000 damage or using your Abilities 4,000 times can easily be attained by playing the game long enough, but completing these tasks will fetch you a Gold Trophy. Check out the full list of Valorant’s console trophies/achievements below. 

  • Who’s next? – Get 1 Kill (Bronze)
  • And that’s how it gets done! – Win 1 Game (Bronze)
  • Right between the eyes. – Get 300 Headshots (Silver)
  • They’re super dead! – Get 1,000 Headshots (Gold)
  • That’s going to leave a scar. – Deal 250,000 damage (Silver)
  • Looks like I got a little carried away. – Deal 500,000 damage (Gold)
  • Time for a field test. – Use your Abilities 2,000 times (Silver)
  • Take control. – Use your Abilities 4,000 times (Gold)
  • Here comes the party! – Use your Ultimate 125 times (Silver)
  • Must I do everything? – Get an Ace (Gold)
  • Five in, five out. – Get a Flawless (Gold)
  • Beep beep beep, enough of that. – Successfully defuse a Spike with less than a second remaining (Silver)
  • I’m built different. – Earn a Clutch (Silver)
  • I know exactly where you are. – Get 10 Wallbang Kills (Bronze)
  • Next time we’ll use wooden sticks! – Get a Thrifty (Silver)
  • You want to play? Let’s play – Use your Ultimate 300 times (Gold) 

In other news, Valorant’s limited beta test goes live in a few days. Players must be in NA, EU, or JP regions to join the test. If you are eligible, sign up for the Valorant console beta through this link or a referral link that comes through a personal invitation from Riot. Lastly, players should own a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X/S. If you are selected for the test, Riot will send you a VAL Console Limited Beta key to download the game on your console. 

Additionally, if you wish to learn about the Extra Valorant Perks for Xbox Game Pass members, you can check out Insider Gaming’s report on that. In the comments below, let us know what you think about the Valorant’s console trophies/achievements.  

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