Fortnite Esports Tournaments Will Not be Region Locked Anymore

Fortnite iOS

In a surprising turn of events, the official Fortnite Competitive account has relayed some intriguing information about existing and growing Fortnite Esports competitors. According to the latest announcement, apart from FNCS competition, all other tournaments will remove the region lock feature. The new change will allow players to change their region for the season’s current and upcoming tournaments. 

This change is a game-changer for the Fortnite esports community, and the palpable excitement of the fans in the comment section is a testament to that. Previously, players in Europe, North America, or other regions were confined to competitions limited to their area. Now, they are empowered to participate in their region’s competitions and beyond.

This decision is set to bolster Epic’s player count for Fortnite, with a surge of streamers and content creators joining the competitions across multiple regions. It’s a thrilling opportunity for existing Fortnite Pros to expand their field of competition and for the burgeoning players scattered across different areas worldwide. 

In other Fortnite news, Epic dropped a bombshell earlier this month with a massive update featuring the iconic British heavy metal band Metallica. The update introduced a new game mode, fresh cosmetics, and a playlist of headbanging tracks for the Fortnite Festival. On a different note, Epic recently addressed the issue of pay-to-win cars in Fortnite, acknowledging their existence. 

How do you feel about Epic removing the region lock from Fortnite Esports tournaments? Let us know in the comments. 

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