The First Descendant Soars Up The Charts Despite Mixed Reviews

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The First Descendant was released earlier today and it has already proven to be a success by number, with the free-to-play looter-shooter soaring up the charts. On Steam, it has managed to secure a peak concurrent player count of 229,000 users, but the reviews are somewhat mixed, with users identifying a few core issues with Nexon’s latest title.

Far From Perfect

The First Descendant is an attractive third-person shooter with cooperative elements that are built around a gameplay loop involving intense boss battles. Players can assume control of a range of hero-like characters with various abilities and skills, and over time, that roster is set to grow.

Recently, it was discovered that one of the characters – Ultimate Bunny – boasts an extremely revealing outfit that rivals Stellar Blade’s Eve.

Unfortunately, it seems as though The First Descendant is focusing on style over substance, with many players complaining about the hastily borrowed mechanics from other titles, the presence of sly microtransactions, and concerning data retention rules that gamers must agree to before they play.

At present, only 43% of all the reviews on Steam are positive – but it’s still the fifth most popular game on Steam. Ultimately, it costs nothing to install The First Descendant and give it a try, and it’s hard to be surprised that a free game boasts microtransactions, but there was a lot of hype around this game, so it’s tough to not feel a bit cheated.

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