NASCAR Reveals Landmark Integration With Fortnite’s Rocket Racing

rocket racing nascar

NASCAR has announced a first-of-its-kind link-up with Fortnite, with the arrival of the all-new Chicago Street Course map in Rocket Racing, the fresh and popular side mode that makes up a key part of Fortnite’s ecosystem. It has been six months since Rocket Racing was released in Fortnite alongside Fortnite Festival, the Guitar Hero-like mode that has proven to be a rampant success.

With the recent announcement, NASCAR confirmed that further activations will make their way into the Fortnite landscape, but it all begins with the Chicago Street Course.

The Perfect Blend

Speaking in a statement published on LinkedIn, the Managing Director of Gaming and Esports at NASCAR, Nick Rend, said:

The Chicago Street Course map lets players navigate multiple routes, master the art of speed, drift, and avoid obstacles in intense multiplayer races or solo time trials. This launch comes ahead of the real-life Chicago Street Race taking place in Grant Park on July 6-7, giving fans and new players alike an immersive preview of the event.

Looking ahead to 2025 and beyond, we have exciting plans to bring more NASCAR elements to the Fortnite platform. Stay tuned for updates on new tracks, licensed vehicles, and other immersive experiences that will connect with our fans in innovative ways.

It’s available on all platforms in both single-player and multiplayer formats, and it promises to blend ‘the excitement of real-world NASCAR events with Rocket Racing’s dynamic gameplay mechanics.’

Over time, more brands are finding their way into the Fortnite ecosystem with custom creations. The UEFN was just the start, and the 2.0 version combined with the unparalleled opportunities it presents has blown the landscape wide open. If it wasn’t enough that Fortnite has partnered with the likes of Marvel, DC, Netflix, and all manner of super-sized corporations over the years, the new model now allows brands to set up their presence in Fortnite and use the platform as a free marketing opportunity.

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