Capcom Acquires Animation Studio For Just $27,000


Capcom has just announced the acquisition of Minimum Studios, an animation company that has worked with Capcom extensively in the past. Minimum specialises in face and body animation and most recently contributed to the development of Dragon’s Dogma 2. The Taiwanese company was acquired through a share purchase, with Capcom paying the equivalent of just $27,000 to secure the studio.

Bolstering Effort

In a statement published by Capcom to announce the acquisition, it was said:

Based in Taiwan, Minimum Studios’ strength lies in animation production for consumer home video game development, and the studio has carried out work on major Capcom titles in the past. Capcom decided to make the studio its subsidiary company to sustainably bolster its developmental and technological capabilities, aiming to achieve its long-term management goal of 100 million units in annual sales.

Recently, Capcom confirmed the ongoing development of a new Resident Evil game, which is being led by the director of Resident Evil 7. Nothing is known about the game, but it was said that it’s going to be a substantial offering, suggesting it’ll be bigger than recent titles, including Resident Evil Village.

Capcom also lifted the lid on the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster last week. It has been dubbed more of a remake than a remaster, and it’s coming on September 19.

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  1. That cheap? They need to bring back some classic IP already Power Stone, Viewtiful Joe, MegaMan Battle Network Star Force and Legends, Gotcha Force, Auto Modellista, Okami, Dino Crisis, and just a remake of Haunting Ground.

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