Capcom Finally Confirms New Resident Evil Game Is In Development

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During the recent Capcom Next program, it was revealed by Koshi Nakanishi, a director at the firm, that a new Resident Evil game is in development – and it’s ‘substantial’. This news comes following months of discussion, debate, and discourse about the existence of a new Resident Evil title. It’s worth highlighting that this isn’t a remake but an original concept that’s being headed up by the man who directed Resident Evil 7.

Kept You Waiting, Huh?

Speaking at the end of the Capcom Next: Summer 2024 program, Nakanishi addressed the project he’s working on at Capcom:

We’re making a new Resident Evil. It was really difficult to figure out what to do after Resident Evil 7, but I found it, and to be honest, it feels substantial. I can’t share any details just yet, but I hope you’re excited for the day I can.

Nakanishi is a veteran at Capcom, having worked on the Resident Evil franchise since 2009’s Resident Evil 5 hit the market. Resident Evil 7 is often considered one of the best games in the series, and it marks the point when the franchise pivoted considerably, picking up a first-person perspective and adopting more horror-based themes than ever before. For some, it left behind the core principles of Resident Evil, but as a game, it was stellar.

The last original Resident Evil game was Resident Evil Village, released in Q2 of 2021. As a much freer and more open RE title, Village presented players with a larger map to explore – Nakanishi’s comments on the next game being more substantial might point to an even broader environment being introduced in whatever game comes next.

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