Sega Confirms New Crazy Taxi Is An Open-World Multiplayer Game

new crazy taxi

In a recent video published by Sega, the team working on the new Crazy Taxi game spoke about pivoting from a core single-player experience to an online multiplayer game built around a vast open-world environment. In the seven-minute breakdown, we’re treated to glimpses of the developing title, which showcased several game modes, vehicles, and some energetic and punchy visuals.

It was explained by the team that there have been some difficulties in pivoting from a single-player experience to a live-service multiplayer model, but they’re making great leaps in the development process as we speak.

Crazy Taxi – But Multiplayer

In the video (which you can see below), Sega’s Sapporo Studio talks at length about the city, stressing that it has been designed with realism and a sense of freedom in mind, with players being given a plethora of activities to explore in a ‘theme park-like environment’.

Here’s the video:

In the trailer, there are shots of police chases, stunt-based modes, and general exploration with other players zipping around the world taking on their tasks all at the same time. Sega’s team explained that car design and customisation will also be a thing, and there were shots of artists working on character models, which leans into the suggestion that players might be able to travel on foot.

Ultimately, the video was something of a recruitment campaign, with the various teams working on the game – from art to level design – talking about what they do and how they interact with this developing game. The studio’s head asked interested parties to apply for a job at Sega as the video came to a close.

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  1. Why can’t Sega just remake Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 already also Skies Of Arcadia.

  2. I can’t wait! I’ve been a fan since the Dreamcast days, and it’s high time for a bundle release of Crazy Taxi 1-3. Let’s make sure No. 3 gets a modern release!

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