Twitch Updates: New Mobile App, Clip Discovery, and Creator Clubs

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TwitchCon Europe 2024 is ongoing in Rotterdam, and to kick off the event, representatives of the platform announced changes coming to the ecosystem – as well as some interesting new features and mechanics that’ll change how the platform works. There’s nothing groundbreaking, but a few of these changes should increase collaboration and discovery, which are some of the most important aspects for new streamers.

It Starts With The App

Since 2019, the Twitch app has remained relatively the same in terms of its overall appearance – but that’s changing. In May, a test group received a new, upgraded look for their Twitch mobile app, and soon, it’ll be rolled out globally. This changes how users interact with the application, covering everything from the menus to new discovery feeds that give users direct access to algorithm-driven collections of clips.

It was confirmed by Twitch that clips are one of the most important areas looked at in the recent round of changes. They’re being optimised on the platform for discovery, with Twitch bringing around a better flow for a feed that mimics sites like TikTok. Everything from clip creation to editing and ultimately sharing your clips has been improved – or will be in the near future.

Alongside tidbits like a new Enhanced Broadcasting Beta for NVIDIA-based streamers and the opening of an enrolment pathway for the new DJ program sat another juicy piece of information: Creator Clubs. Twitch is debuting a new ‘program’ that ‘helps streamers find communities around shared interests’. It’s social networking for Twitch, allowing users to join curated clubs, share content and make friends based on their likemindedness.

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