Nickmercs Banned From Twitch Days After Dr Disrespect Scandal

nickmercs banned

Nick ‘Nickmercs’ Kolcheff has been banned from Twitch for the first time following the use of a ‘derogatory slur’ on the platform. The ban came suddenly and just days after the recent controversy surrounding Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm, who admitted to messaging a minor on the platform back in 2017, an event that led to his permanent Twitch ban in 2020.

Kolcheff was caught using a transphobic slur on stream, uttering the word ‘tranny’, which was quickly followed up with a decisive but temporary ban. He fired back on social media stressing that ‘next time (he’ll) use mental health disorder.’

Under Fire Again

It’s an entire year since Nickmercs was last in hot water for transphobic comments. Last June, he commented in response to transgender rights protesters, stating that ‘They should leave little children alone.’ It was a situation that unravelled and led to his custom skin being stripped from Call of Duty – but unlike the recent Dr Disrespect situation, many stood in solidarity with Nickmercs. When he returned to streaming after the event, he landed a record-high number of paid subscriptions on Twitch.

Recently, Kolcheff appeared on stream saying ‘there’s no such thing as trans people’, before ultimately uttering the slur that landed him his first-ever Twitch ban.

In the wake of Dr Disrespect’s recent scandal, during which he admitted inappropriately messaging a minor on the platform in 2017, Nickmercs spoke strongly against it, stressing that he can no longer support the veteran streamer.

It’s unclear how long Nickmercs’ Twitch ban will last.

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