Xbox Could Be Getting Direct Nvidia GeForce Now Integration

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Recently leaked images have suggested that Xbox consoles could be getting a direct integration with Nvidia GeForce Now in the near future. On social media, a series of shots surfaced showing the option to play certain games through GeForce Now, which is Nvidia’s cloud-based streaming service. Historically, Microsoft and Nvidia have partnered on this proposition, but this would be the first time that a native application has worked itself onto the Xbox platform.

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On Twitter, known tipster ‘eXtas1s’ posted a series of images that showed players having the option to boot games through GeForce Now, alongside the usual offerings such as Game Pass or outright purchasing:

Translated, the post reads:

Nvidia GeForce Now integrated into Xbox? It seems that a bigger deal is lurking between Xbox and Nvidia, and its announcement may be imminent. Several games from the Xbox store give the option to “play it with GeForce Now.”‘

It was a while ago that Microsoft partnered with Nvidia to bring Game Pass titles and games from the Microsoft Store to GeForce Now. The platform from Nvidia allows users to stream games to almost any device if they own them through the Microsoft Store or Game Pass. However, this latest development could mean that games listed on Nvidia GeForce Now will be available to stream on Xbox consoles using a native application.

It’s no big secret that these tech titans are investing in the future of cloud gaming. Recently, we touched upon a discussion concerning blueprint images of Microsoft’s all-cloud-based console that was canned years ago – Project Keystone.

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