Bethesda’s Montreal Office Is Trying To Unionize

Bethesda Montreal Union

With the instability and uncertainty in the gaming industry still at an all-time high, another game studio is trying to unionize. In a series of posts on Twitter earlier this week, Bethesda Game Studios Montreal has announced its intention to form a union with help from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Canada.

Along with the general announcement, the studio workers laid out their reasons for filing for the certification with the Quebec Labor Board.

“As a union, we will strive to make BGS a supportive workplace that fosters creativity and talent,” they said. “This will allow us to keep creating some of the best video games in the industry in the jobs and at the studio we all love.”

They continued: “Having a seat at the table will ensure job security as well as improve transparency, accountability, flexibility and more. We aim to make sure everyone receives fair compensation for their work and the value they provide.”

By forming a union, they said, it will allow them to work to “push for the changes that reflect the needs and the wants of all developers.”

As of publishing, Zenimax nor Microsoft have commented on the unionization efforts. Bethesda Montreal joins other unions within Microsoft and Zenimax.

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