Astro Bot Game Size Leaked

Astro Bot is one of the more anticipated games coming to PlayStation 5 (PS5) later this year after being revealed during Sony’s PlayStation State of Play in May. Now, thanks to a post on social media, it appears we know exactly what size Astro Bot is and how much space you’ll need on your PS5 in order to install the game.

According to a post from Genki on Twitter, Astro Bot comes in at 66GB. For comparison sake, Astro’s Playroom took up just 11GB on the console.

Admittedly this 600% increase in size comes due to Astro Bot being a much larger game in nature than the previous title. Developer Asobi even called Astro Bot the studio’s “biggest game ever”.

“This is really about going up one notch — really several notches — and having Astro’s big story,” Nicolas Doucet of Asobi said in a recent interview. “We call it Astro Bot because we treat this as a new beginning. That’s a really, really big game. I think for us, that’s the biggest game we’ve ever made.”

According to Asobi, Astro Bot will feature 150 cameos from the history of PlayStation will be in the game. It’ll also feature six galaxies and 80 levels to explore.

Astro Bot launches exclusively on PS5 on September 6.

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