The Culprit Behind Shadow of the Erdtree PC Framerate Issues is Your Mouse

Shadow of the Erdtree Entrance
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Shadow of the Erdtree has taken the world by storm, selling over 5 million copies within the first release day. However, some players still complain about the DLC, such as the difficulty factor and the PC performance issues. Now, if difficulty is a problem for you, then too bad; get better at the game. But, if you are facing issues with Shadow of the Erdtree on PC, then FromSoftware may have some solutions. 

Many players have reported frame rate instability in the expansion, with random frame drops disrupting their gaming experience. The FromSoftware Player Support account X (formerly Twitter) has identified a significant factor contributing to this issue. They’ve revealed that a ‘mouse-control related app’ running in the background is the culprit behind the PC’s frame rate instability. The support team has recommended that players close this application before running Shadow of the Erdtree to improve performance.

The FromSoftware Support Account has addressed other PC issues, too. They have also spotted a bug in the PC version that shows an “Invalid behaviour has been detected” message. This message usually appears when players start playing or trying out multiplayer mode. The support account has advised players to try restarting the game, and if the issues persist, they should consider checking the integrity of their game files. Communication instability could also be one of the reasons for this problem. Rest assured, if you aren’t cheating, you will not be penalised when you encounter this issue in multiplayer mode. 

In other news, Shadow of the Erdtree’s first balancing patch is live as a streamer beats the DLC bosses just using her mind. Let us know in the comments if these solutions helped fix your issues with Shadow of the Erdtree.

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  1. This is only a fix specifically for people having occasional stutters/freezing, this problem is a direct result of easyanticheat and its reaction to the connecting/disconnecting of peripherals. seemingly if your mouse inputs come from something like both windows settings and Logitech hub or any mouse acceleration programs it seems to cause this issue, this is fairly certain as disabling easyanticheat with mods and playing offline has been found to fix it which is what this tweet is a response to.

    more worryingly issues with fps generally that have continued to be mentioned constantly on specifically PC’s even with significantly higher specs than the recommended ones and notably Xbox series S uses being reported ,mainly found on reddit, as having fps issues with people constantly dropping to sub 40 basically.

    Basically this fix is purely for a bug caused by anticheat and isn’t meant to and doesn’t address the absolutely horrific optimization that most people have been experiencing, this is notably problematic as people experiencing this issue often find they have low CPU usage so Elden ring is not attempting to run better oddly and also because seems fairly consistent that it does not change no matter how much you alter the graphics settings

  2. “Now, if difficulty is a problem for you, then too bad; get better at the game.”

    or wait for the balancing patches, or get the easy mode mod. “git gud” is such a dogshit counterpoint when people are complaining about enemies being badly telegraphed, having ludicrous health pools or terrible hitboxes, etc.. difficulty for difficulty’s sake is bad design, and a worthwhile critique many people are making.

    From are not perfect, get over it.

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