Streamer Defeats Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Using Her Brainwaves

shadow of the erdtree boss

Everyone is complaining that the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is too difficult, with some streamers admitting defeat early on. It has garnered negative reviews on some platforms because of how ‘unreasonably challenging’ it is, but perhaps we need to simply get better. Recently, one streamer managed to defeat a Shadow of the Erdtree boss using her brainwaves – so what’s your excuse?

Mind Powers

For months, ‘Perrikaryal’ has been slaying the toughest Elden Ring bosses using various methods, but her most recent conquest has involved using an EEG-powered, head-mounted controller with an onboard gyroscope. This fancy piece of technology has required Perrikaryal to map her brainwaves to synchronised inputs, then quite literally train her brain to work how she wants, emitting ‘brainwave events’ that are captured by the headset and translated into movements, attacks, and other mechanics in-game.

In every clip she’s shown using the headset, she’s always deep in concentration, as even thinking the wrong thing could throw off her game. Here’s the clip she uploaded after defeating Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Shadow of the Erdtree:

While some users are understandably sceptical of the legitimacy of Perrikaryal’s gameplay, she has uploaded lengthy videos explaining how it all works and has invited friends to try out the hardware too – they’re just nowhere close to her level.

More power to her, I can’t even defeat starter bosses on Elden Ring using whatever device I desire.

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