Dr Disrespect Faces Shocking Twitch Ban Allegations From Former Employee

dr disrespect

Hours ago, severe allegations surfaced online against Guy ‘Dr Disrepect’ Beahm from a former Twitch employee. These allegations concern the super-sized streamer’s permanent ban from the streaming platform in 2020. This event has never been openly explained by either Twitch or Dr Disrespect himself. At the height of his career on Twitch, ‘The Two Time’ received a sudden and permanent ban – but nobody ever knew why.

According to the allegation made by one former Twitch employee, Dr Disrespect was ‘banned because got caught sexting a minor in the then existing Twitch whispers product. He was trying to meet up with her at TwitchCon.’

Dr Disrespect has already refuted these claims.

Devastating Allegations

Even if they’re found to not be true, these types of claims can be devastating for anyone on the receiving end of them. Presently, there’s solid ground for Dr Disrespect to pursue legal action against Cody Conners, the former Twitch employee, but he seems content with simply posting his counterclaim on social media:

In the hours that followed the allegation breaking on Twitter, several sources came forward to either support the claim or to back up Beahm. Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, a prolific insider who first addressed the news back in 2020, posted something cryptic, simply stating, ‘I didn’t lie’.

He is of course referring to what he said four years ago when The Doc was banned:

look: for several hours now I have been told from credible sources the reason DrDisrespect has been banned. however due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject I have refrained from going on it. i don’t feel comfortable with it currently

Another Twitch employee, Zach Diaz, wrote ‘so glad it’s finally out there’.

Many have proposed that the news is only surfacing now because those ‘in the know’ at Twitch were subject to an NDA that prevented them from talking about the ban on pain of legal action. The general assumption is that the NDA has now expired and former employees have nothing restricting them from talking about these claims.

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to controversy. In 2019 he was banned from Twitch for streaming at E3 and walking into a bathroom while a teenager was urinating. In 2017, he took to the internet out of character to admit that he’d been unfaithful to his wife, following which he took a brief break from streaming. He has also wrestled in the past with accusations of racism.

Whatever happens now, there’s a rocky road ahead for Dr Disrespect.

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  1. Bad look. He’s not the only one that’s all I can say and those who claim to be morally against this are the ones doing it and yes very popular streamers now are doing it and try to accuse others of the same and shame them.

  2. This explains a lot and also I want to say for those accusing Sneako of the same they reinstated him so he didn’t do this like Jamari and Aba N Preach lie and try to claim.

  3. This is disgusting why wasn’t he arrested back then? It’s disgusting they covered this up back then. It also makes YouTube look bad for hiring him. Twitch even worse does seem like a groomer platform I don’t think Doc is the only one I think others are doing this deviant stuff too xQc, Asmongold, Moist, all of OTK and AMP. Bruce DEO knows where and what it all is he will expose it for content.

  4. He’s not the only one and with this coming out I think a proper investigation of Twitch and Amazon is done to see how they’ve protected this behavior. Mostly kids use Twitch and watch these guys so it’s clear that’s their audience and the site has sexual content too which is a big red flag it seems like it’s a platform to groom kids. Kai Cenat going to North West birthday seems even more creepy now. I wouldn’t doubt Hasan does this too he originally wanted to be Andrew Tate but that failed.

  5. i’ve never watch Dr. Disrespect but i see when he makes news.
    if and only OF this is true. He should have every deal taken from him. but i doubt its totally true ot youtube would not have signed him.. or maybe….

  6. 1: If he did it then Twitch is equally responsible for hiding it.
    2: No complaint from a minor’s parents was ever filed
    3: If this is the reason and Twitch had grounds then it makes no sense to pay his entire contract out. Millions of dollars.

  7. Online personalities are in serious trouble this year it makes all the platforms look bad. YouTube, Kick, Twitch, it’s not good. Doc, Zherka, Dream, Neon, Hasan, Asmongold, Nickmercs, Xqc, Kai, Speed, Bruce, Jidion, Akademiks, Johnny Somali, Jack Doherty, and there’s a ton I don’t even know the names off. There’s so many of these people caught in drama or worse this specific drama I haven’t forgotten Evo 2020 those people like Zero or Cinnamon were never brought to justice.

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