Sony Making Cuts To PlayStation VR Development, It’s Claimed

Sony PlayStation VR development

It seems as though Sony is officially giving up on virtual reality (VR). According to a new report from Android Central, Sony has continued to make cuts to its PlayStation VR development since the release of PS VR2.

The outlet states that sources have told them that Sony is “making deep cuts to funding for VR games.” They continued to say that they were told that there will be “very few opportunities for VR game development at Sony going forward.”

“To back that up, another source informed me that only two PS VR 2 games are in development at Sony,” the report continued.

Sony launched the PS VR 2 in February 2023 for $549.99, a price higher than the PlayStation 5 console that’s required to utilize it. Since then, there have been varying reports of the state of the headset, including a complete pause on production due to sales. One simple search on any forum or social media site shows fans frustrated about the lack of new games coming out for it.

Sony did recently announce a new adapter launching in August that will allow owners to use their PS VR2 headset with their PC.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Sony for comment on the report. As of publishing, however, no response has been received.

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  1. Kind of crazy, expecting to ship millions of units of a headset when you have like 6 total games for your system, and only really one system seller that’s for an IP that’s currently not insanely popular. Don’t know what those S heads were thinking. This and Helldivers really show Sony doesn’t know what they’re doing on the software side since moving to California.

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