Game Freak is Releasing a Non-Pokemon RPG This Month

Game Freak, renowned for creating some of the most cherished Pokemon games, has announced a departure from its usual lineup with the upcoming release of Pand Land, a new RPG developed in partnership with Wonderland. Despite their extensive history with the Pokemon franchise, Game Freak is boldly venturing into uncharted territory with this exciting new game. Pand Land will be released later this month, and fans eagerly anticipate more details.

Per Gematsu, Pand Land is a free-to-play, casual maritime adventure RPG released for iOS and Android on June 24, 2024. Pre-registration for Game Freak’s upcoming title is available now. It is important to note that Pand Land is currently only being released in Japan.

In Pand Land, players embark on a thrilling adventure as the captain of an expedition team in search of a legendary treasure. The game offers a vast, unexplored world to navigate, with new treasure maps and secrets to uncover. As you progress, you’ll face challenging dungeons, leading to the acquisition of new allies and valuable treasures. With over 400 types of allies and treasures to discover, the game promises endless excitement. Moreover, you can share this adventure with your friends through the game’s online play feature. 

While we’re excited about Game Freak’s foray into non-Pokemon RPGs with Pand Land, the developer has also announced their involvement in the next Pokemon mainline title. Titled Pokemon Legends Z-A, the game was unveiled with a cinematic trailer during the Pokemon Presents showcase earlier this year. Additionally, Take Two’s Private Division and Game Freak have partnered up to deliver a new action-adventure game codenamed Project Bloom.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on Game Freak’s non-Pokemon RPG in the comments.

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