Cities Skylines 2 Economy Rework Coming June 24, Devs Address Console Version

Cities: Skylines 2 console release delayed Paradox Interactive

In a new post on X today, the Cities Skylines 2 developers confirmed that the Economy 2.0 patch will finally launch on June 24, 2024.

The update will roll out at 10:00 CEST, introducing a highly anticipated rework for the divisive economy system.

Last May, the devs previously announced that this update would arrive “somewhere between June 3 and 19.” In today’s post, the team explains why they missed that release window. They state that the update required some “last minute fixes,” citing that “a small thing can have a ripple effect.”

The developers also addressed a series of fan replies in the same thread. They elaborate that the anticipated patch will release on Monday instead of the weekend just in case critical hotfixes are necessary.

Many replies also requested an update on the console version. Surprisingly, the devs did reply on X, confirming that they are still actively working on it.

They reveal that “the console version is going through a series of test builds to reach the necessary level of performance and stability.” At this time, the devs still seem to be aiming for an October 2024 release window.

In addition to the upcoming economy patch, the devs recently adjusted how the Rent mechanic works in Cities Skylines 2. They ultimately decided to remove landlords for balancing.

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