Cities: Skylines 2 Rent Was Too High, So They Removed Landlords

Cities: Skylines 2 rent

Talk about real life blending into the gaming world. Developer Colossal Order released a new developer diary looking at what’s coming in the next major patch for Cities: Skylines 2, and with it revealed that landlords had to be removed due to rent being too damn high.

“Most likely you have run into complaints of “High Rent” in the game, so let’s talk about it,” the studio said in the post on the game’s website. “To complement the Land Value changes in patch 1.1.0f1 in March, we have tweaked how Rent works. First of all, we removed the virtual landlord so a building’s upkeep is now paid equally by all renters. Second, we changed the way rent is calculated.”

Moving forward, rent will be based on household income. And now rather than just complain, citizens will work to better manage their money and spend less on resource consumption.

“Only when their income is too low to be able to pay rent will they complain about “High Rent” and look for cheaper housing or move out of the city,” they said.

In addition to the rent changes, tenants of buildings will have to pay for its upkeep that impacts the overall level of the building. Pay the full fee, and building condition increases. Don’t pay, and it deteriorates until the building simply collapses.

The release date for the next patch for Cities: Skylines 2 has yet to be revealed.

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