Double Exposure’s Best Edition Gets You Access TWO WEEKS Before Launch

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Life is Strange: Double Exposure was just revealed by Square Enix and Deck Nine, with fans worldwide being stunned by the sudden reappearance of Max Caulfield. As the lead in the inaugural title of the series almost a decade ago, Caulfield served as the introduction to the franchise for many players, becoming an iconic presence and a firm fan favourite character even all these years later.

Recently, the various editions of Double Exposure were revealed across multiple platforms, and it has been confirmed that buying the best edition will net you access to the first two chapters of the game two weeks earlier than anyone else.

Tough Times for Spoilers

For those not in the know, Life is Strange is a unique franchise that follows characters with ‘abilities’ as they navigate complex and often emotional scenarios. In the first game, we controlled time, in the second game, we assumed the role of two brothers, the youngest of which could move things with his mind. In the third game – True Colors – we played as Chloe, a young woman with the ability to read minds and emotions.

Max Caulfield’s return is a spectacle to be sure, and from the first trailer, it looks like she’s picked up a few more abilities all these years later. In Double Exposure, Max can tear into alternate universes and watch as parallel stories unfold.

Now, the fact that Life is Strange is heavily driven by a winding narrative, it stands to reason that spoilers will, one way or another, destroy the point of playing the game. Each title has given way to twists, turns, unexpected pitfalls, and heartbreaking scenes that leave the player gasping. With the best edition giving the first two chapters away two weeks before launch, players getting a standard edition will need to avoid social media for half a month or risk ruin.

Here are the various editions of Life is Strange: Double Exposure:

Standard Edition

Comes with the full game only.

Deluxe Edition

Comes with the full base game, and the Spooky and Decades outfit packs.

Ultimate Edition

Comes with the full base game, the Spooky, Decades, Final Fantasy VII, Fan Favourite, and Paw Prints outfit packs, ‘exclusive cat content’, and of course, two weeks early access to the first and second chapters of the game.

The game’s Standard Edition will retail for around $49.99, but the Ultimate Edition will set you back a pretty penny – $74.99 to be precise.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released globally on October 29, 2024.

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  1. Where’s Kingdom Hearts 4? Why didn’t they show Kingdom Hearts 4 instead of this!?! No large audience is showing up for this. Didn’t Square say they would focus on Japanese titles instead of western ones? So why this?

  2. Why is this here? We can’t get Sleeping Dogs 2 but we get more of this garbage.

  3. This is such a dumb idea. Life is Strange is a very contentious game as is. You can guarantee you’re going to get people who will buy this edition and go out of their way to spoil what happens. Sucks for any of those who are looking forward to this game and don’t want to fork out the cash.

    Also so basically the games release date is two weeks prior, you are just gated from playing it because you paid less, nice.

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