Wuthering Waves Has Hit 30 Million Downloads

wuthering waves

Months after Wuthering Waves’ developer, Kuro Games, came out and apologised about ‘negative experiences’ players went through during the game’s closed beta, it has been revealed that the title has hit 30 million downloads worldwide. In January, it was announced that Kuro Games would be rewriting ‘90%’ of the game, with the decision impacting scripts, performances, and cinematics to better a game that left many users disappointed – before it launched.

Waves of Success

On Twitter, Kuro Games revealed that Wuthering Waves, an open-world action RPG title, has just surpassed 30 million global downloads. Available on PC and mobile, Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play ARPG that operates similarly to Genshin Impact, but with a bigger and broader focus on combat mechanisms.

Penned as being a ‘story-rich RPG with a high degree of freedom’, Wuthering Waves has been considered a substantially successful game since the controversy that surfaced at the start of the year ebbed away. In reviews, the game’s stunning visuals and innovative combat mechanics tend to account for the majority of the positive points accrued.

This once bug-infested, error-ridden title has managed to turn around its fortunes in a relatively short time – 30 million downloads is a fine number for any title to hit. It’s made more impressive by the fact that the game only launched three weeks ago.

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