Visions of Mana Launches on August 29, 2024

Visions Of Mana Heroes At Festival

In a new blog post, Square Enix announced that the anticipated new entry in the Visions of Mana series will launch on August 29, 2024. Pre-orders will be available today for all available platforms.

Today’s post also breaks down the various characters, combat mechanics, and other key details coming to Visions of Mana.

The central heroes are Val, the newly appointed soul guard to the alms, and their childhood friend Hinna. However, players will have access to multiple heroes they can “fully control in battle and when exploring the world.”

Square Enix also released a new trailer featuring gameplay, including both combat and exploration.

Players can use companion creatures to traverse the map, with a unique companion for different types of terrain. A Pikul helps players travel on land, the Vuscav can travel across water, and the Flammie is used for air travel.

Combat is resolved in real-time, and today’s blog did confirm the Ring Menu is returning for the new Visions of Mana title. So, battle will pause for the Ring Menu, again encouraging players to use strategy.

There will also be an Elemental Vessel system, where mystical artifacts grant players elemental powers they can use both in combat and during exploration.

Visions of Mana will be available on PC via Windows and Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S when it launches this August.

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