EpicDB Launches And Starts Leaking Games and Unreleased Content

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SteamDB is a hugely valuable resource that anyone in the industry frequently leans on to ascertain player numbers, performance charts, price history, and much more. It’s a treasure trove of data that has been plugged into Steam’s APIs for years, picking up every tidbit and statistic that emerges from the relatively transparent platform.

Recently – and quite suddenly – EpicDB launched, bringing about a similar service for the Epic Games Store, one of Steam’s leading competitors on PC. However, as soon as the product hit the internet, countless details about unreleased games, unpublished DLCs, and upcoming projects were revealed through the APIs.

Mega Leak Time

In a monumental data repository, users are discovering that the EpicDB platform is giving away a little more than intended. Every item listed on the Epic Games Store has a space, and that space houses information about a title such as its performance on the platform, when it was first created as an item in the table, and when it was last updated – and with what.

Unfortunately for Epic Games, the service – which is operated by a third party – seems to be giving away more than intended. For instance, it has revealed references to The Last of Us Part II on PC, a Turok title from Saber Interactive, DLC for the unreleased Sonic x Shadow Generations, and a bunch of lines referring to the Final Fantasy IX Remake. For instance, nestled within the latter item are data points referring to a ‘Deluxe Upgrade’, some pre-order bonuses, and a series of game versions used for testing and debugging.

Most of the juicy content is hidden somewhat behind codenames, but there’s a lot that can be easily decoded. Some users have uncovered references to Morrowind (whatever that might mean), and there’s even a nod to ‘Bloodborne Remake’, but many have surmised that it’s a fake listing.

Sadly, it’s impossible to discover more at the time of writing as the website has been taken down and trying to access it yields little more than an error page. Only time will tell if it comes back up.

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  1. Turok remaster? If it’s a new game that’s big. What’s the DLC going to be for Generations? Silver would be cool also I hope Iizuka realizes we want Shadow to have his gun. Someone needs to finally officially leak the new big Shonen Jump crossover game it’s mostly been fake rumors. FF9 was already confirmed so no surprise if Project Nova was revealed to be Verum Rex or Versus13 that would be a big deal.

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