First Gameplay Image of Anno 117 Leaked

Anno 117 Pax Romana Concept Art

As first spotted by fans on Reddit, an early build screenshot of Anno 117 Pax Romana gameplay appeared to leak online. The image seemed to surface via the official Anno Union website itself.

The image shows an overview shot of a large coastal city, complete with major landmarks and homes. The leaked image also has a unique angle of the city, suggesting Anno 117 could introduce other new mechanics.

Ubisoft first announced Anno 117 Pax Romana during the latest Ubisoft Forward showcase with a reveal trailer. However, it was a live-action trailer, so it did not feature any gameplay, or even cinematics.

Some fans of the series were dismayed no Anno 117 Pax Romana gameplay appeared, and the Ubisoft Forward generally seemed to disappoint overall.

For now, Anno fans only have a clear look at some concept art on the Anno Union website. In Anno 117 Pax Romana, players take the role of a Roman governor, exploring the strategies of unique provinces with choices that matter.

The most recent title in the economic strategy Anno series was Anno 1800, which launched in 2019. It focused on the Industrial Revolution, and still has Mostly Positive reviews on Steam.

There is currently no concrete release date for Anno 117 Pax Romana. It will launch sometime in 2025 for PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S.

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  1. Where is Beyond Good & Evil 2 and obviously where is Splinter Cell remake? If they have no plans for those sell the IP off. Sell to Microsoft they can give The Coalition Splinter Cell to work on and give Asobo or The Initiative BGE.

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