Ubisoft Forward 2024: Everything Announced

Ubisoft Forward 2024 Everything

After a weekend of gaming showcases, it’s finally Ubisoft’s turn to take center stage with Ubisoft Forward 2024. With a number of games in development, Ubisoft gave players plenty of updates on what’s coming and what’s already out.

Games shown were Star Wars Outlaws, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, The Crew Motorfest, and Prince of Persia, among others.

Check out all of the trailers and news from what was shown at Ubisoft Forward 2024, and let us know in the comments what you think of the show. There will also be full stories for each of the major reveals with even more details.

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Everything Announced At Ubisoft Forward 2024

Star Wars Outlaws – Read More

Ubisoft kicked off the show with a brand new look at Star Wars Outlaws gameplay with a trailer and actual gameplay ahead of its August 30 release. Over 10 minutes of gameplay was shown along with nearly four minutes of new looks via the trailer.

XDefiant – Read More

After Star Wars, Ubisoft jumped right into XDefiant with a look at a new faction, the Capture the Flag game mode, , weapons, skins, and more. All of which are coming in Season 1 starting July 2. The full reveal of Season 1 comes July 1.

Skull And Bones – Read More

Ubisoft has given an update on Season 2 and 3 of Skull and Bones, including the announcement of a new 5v5 game mode.

Prince of Persia

In honor of the franchise’s 35th Anniversary, Ubisoft gave a look at Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, The Rogue Prince of Persia, and announced that the Sands of Time remake will launch in 2026.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Ubisoft announced the game’s new expansion, The Sky Breaker Story Pack, coming July 16. It will be available for purchase separately and as part of the game’s season pass.

The Crew Motorfest – Read More

The Crew Motorfest is continuing on with Year 2 updates starting in November. The game will be getting a new island to drive, new cars, playlists, and more. Chase Squad will be premium DLC with a full reveal in September.

Anno 117: Pax Romana

Ubisoft has officially announced the next game in the Anno franchise, Anno 117: Pax Romana, launching in 2025 for PC and console.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows – Read More

While the Xbox Game Showcase showed gameplay for the first time, Ubisoft gave an extended look at Assassin’s Creed Shadows gameplay during Ubisoft Forward on Monday. It’s over 13 minutes of what to expect with the game when it launches on November 15.

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  1. They won’t reveal what they need to Splinter Cell remake, Prince Of Persia remake, and Beyond Good & Evil 2 even though at this point a remake of that and proper sequel would be better. A new 3D Rayman would also be great but they won’t do that instead it will be more Assassin’s Creed which we don’t need more of probably Just Dance and other online shooters.

    1. Prince of Persia is set for 2026 but none of the others showed up it’s weird. Splinter Cell should have but for some reason still nothing the show was a waste of money. The racist AC game is all they really wanted to show with the Star Wars game.

  2. The show was just DLC and trash there was no point for this. Ubisoft just keeps wasting money.

  3. Ubisoft should just sell off Splinter Cell, Rayman, and Beyond Good & Evil to Microsoft they clearly don’t care about those franchises just sell them and sell Prince Of Persia to them too if the remake once again doesn’t pan out. Ubisoft just sucks the company is confused they should just sell to Disney since they’re mostly working with their IP. Disney would love making Assassin’s Creed shows, Ghost Recon, The Division, Rainbow Six, Fenyx Rising, The Crew, Skull & Bones, Far Cry, XDeviant, and Watch Dogs shows/movies. Might as well have Ubisoft make a Pirates Of The Caribbean game and other Disney games.

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