Avowed Release Date Accidentally Leaked for November


Avowed release date was unintentionally leaked by Obsidian, with the game slated to release this November.

Yesterday’s showcase had all players wondering, where is the release date for Avowed? Interestingly, the prayers were answered today as Obsidian accidentally posted the release date on their latest blog post for the game.

Spotted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Obsidian stated in a now-altered blog post that Avowed has been preparing for a “November 12, 2024” release date. The updated post has removed all mentions of a release date for the game. 

Following Warren’s post, Obsidian seemingly scrubbed the mention of the game’s release date from its blog.

Avowed is an open-world RPG title that was revealed in 2022, and we got to see more about the game during yesterday’s Xbox Game Showcase. Obsidian released a new gameplay trailer yesterday, showing off the title’s stunning visuals, detailed worlds and intriguing characters, but didn’t give us a release date. We got a glimpse of the combat, too, which included first-person melee and ranged combat with medieval weapons and enchanting spells. You can check out their latest trailer below. 

Talking more about the game, in Avowed, you play as an envoy of the Aedyran emperor, and all the excitement is set in Paradis, a city in the center of the Living Lands. This city has also become the spot of conflict between Aedryan forces and the locals. However, that is not all, as Paradis is also home to a mysterious plague of the soul, Dreamscourge. This plague affects the flora, fauna, the people and the land itself, with the worst turning into violent “Dreamthralls”. 

Players will be communicating with three factions during this journey. The first is the Aedryan faction, where the emperor wants you to put an end to the Dreamscourge. The second faction’s leader is Inquisitor Lodwyn, the leader of the Steel Garrote. Lodwyn wishes to eliminate the plague and discipline the “unruly factions.” Lastly, your companion Giatta wants you to embrace the more significant, mysterious force at work. Players must make informed decisions and work ahead with these actions, as every choice they make could be suitable for some factions and bad for others. 

Do you think Obsidian will stick to the same release date for Avowed? Let us know in the comments. 

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