Star Wars Outlaws Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Star Wars Outlaws Game World
Image via Ubisoft

At the Ubisoft Forward event today, Massive Entertainment showcased a new gameplay deep dive trailer for their upcoming open-world RPG, Star Wars Outlaws. The latest trailer gave us a glimpse of the upgrade systems that players can expect in the game, such as experts who can help you learn new skills. The trailer also takes us to a completely new region, where merchants and other NPCs will change behaviour according to Kay Vess’ reputation with the operating crime syndicate.

We also got to see some spaceship traversal and combat with Vess using projectiles and missiles to take down the enemies, which also ended up granting her a better reputation with a certain crime syndicate.

Then, the developers showcased a stealth segment in the Hutt Territory, where abilities like stealth takedowns, scanning the area using Nix, and blaster combat were displayed. Different enemy types were also revealed, including the chargers, range fighters and tanks. Towards the end, we were told that learning new blaster skills, upgrading your speeder and becoming a master thief will require you to look for different types of experts who will always lead you to an exciting adventure.

Star Wars Outlaws will have a reputation system, where Kay Vess will interact with different crime syndicates in the underworld. Every choice you make will impact your reputation and the behaviour of the syndicates towards you in the game. Other RPG elements such as customisations, upgrades, dialogue options and more are expected too. 

In terms of gameplay, the developers have already told guys that we are going to be exploring a massive open world, where players will need the likes of spaceships and speeders to get around. For combat, we do know that Vess will have her trusty Blaster at all times to take down all enemies. Other than that we expect stealth, hand-to-hand, speeder and spaceship combat in Star Wars Outlaws. 

Also, the previous trailer gameplay trailer was released during last year’s Ubisoft Forward event where we got to see some stealth mechanics, and gunplay along with some spaceship and speeder traversal.  Interested readers can learn more about the cast members of the game here. Star Wars Outlaws releases on August 30, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. 

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