EA And Full Circle Provide Update On Skate

During Summer Game Fest 2024 on Friday, EA announced that a console playtest for Skate would be coming later this year. Today, the developers posted a larger update on the status of Skate, and where things stand.

The update came in both video and written format. And it covered a wide array of topics ranging from gameplay to audio to customization and more.

Plenty Of Changes To Skate Are Coming

The main thing the team at Full Circle wanted to discuss was the rebuilding of Skate’s “Flick-It” trick control system.

“We want to make sure every trick feels fun and satisfying, while delivering the familiarity from past Skate games,” Full Circle said. “On top of that, we’ve improved accuracy and control to make learning tricks easier.”

They continued: “The team is also hard at work to give you the tools to have fun your way, by yourself or with friends, anywhere in San Vansterdam. Almost everything you do in the game will earn you rewards, so you can customize your character, setup, and even unlock new objects to place and skate in San Van.”

Regarding audio, Full Circle said that the studio is curating an “expansive soundtrack” that will “evolve and change” over time with new songs. The soundtrack changes will be influenced by what players are actually listening to.

Another feature coming to Skate is the form of “quick drops” that allow you to place objects anywhere within the game’s world in spots you find that you want to skate.

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Skate Has A Focus On Multiplayer

Not only will Skate be a free-to-play game when it launches, but it’ll also be a live service game that will update and change through the weeks, months, and years. For the multiplayer focus, Full Circle is implementing social features for players to increase interactivity.

“We’re excited to be working on a ton of social features to help you team-up, cooperate, or compete with other players in the city,” Lead social designer Andreia Goncalves said. “You can play challenges together or make your own fun by combining our quick drop objects and Throwdown modes…”

The last major talking point was customization where players will have options such as body shape and height along with “a diverse range of hair styles and clothing” that will help make players feel more like themselves in the game.

There’s still no firm release window for Skate, but studio GM Dan McCulloch “promises” that the game’s release is getting closer. When it launches, Skate will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

You can watch the full development update for Skate yourself in the video below:

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  1. If they did this with Def Jam it would be more accepted because people really want it back that bad. Skate is a bit different.

  2. This isn’t the way for Skate they should have just made Skate 4. EA should remake The Simpsons Hit & Run then follow that with a MMO F2P charge for cosmetics and new maps for that instead. Def Jam or whatever they call it would work too just have a decent base roster and add more rappers, stages, cosmetics, music, girls, and story expansions also have a Konquest mode type of game mode maybe be the online aspect could just be offered in the base game and charge for more like GTA Online. SSX would be cool too made like a open world Jet Set Radio styled game and then a MMO to follow it or online mode offered through that where players can compete and intermingle on the mountain city.

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