Treyarch Found Out About Black Ops 6 On Game Pass Shortly Before Announcement

Black Ops 6 Game Pass

One of the biggest gaming stories of the last month was the confirmation that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 would be on Xbox Game Pass day one. It’s the first game in the franchise to come to Microsoft’s subscription service, and it’s apparently something that the team at Treyarch — the developers of Black Ops 6 — didn’t find out that far in advance.

In an interview with Stephen Totilo, Treyarch production director Yale Miller was asked about the game launching on Game Pass and how the meeting with Activision and Microsoft went.

“It wasn’t that long ago, frankly,” Miller said of when the team found out.

He continued: “I think it was a conversation, just internally with meeting with the Activision folks on those pieces, and talking about the opportunity for us. It was more like, ‘What does that mean?’”

Miller then touched on what made the jump to Xbox Game Pass exciting for the developers and the franchise as a whole. He talked about more people being able to try the game that may not have in the first place. There’s also the task of onboarding new players and introducing — or reintroducing — them to game modes.

“It’s been four years since [the last] Black Ops… Zombies is super deep rich,” Miller said. “It’s got quest lines and story. Some people just may not even remember that. With new players, how do you bring people into that universe?

“Sometimes we take for granted that a lot of people play Call of Duty and have been playing Call of Duty before. ‘Oh, they’ll get it. You know, they’ve played this before.’ So I think it has forced us to relook at some of that.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 releases on October 25 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. As of publishing, there’s been no announcement whether the game will be available via Cloud gaming, which Ubisoft holds the rights to.

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  1. I wish Treyarch would get back to making superhero games since Spider-Man is locked at Sony they should try Batman, Nightwing, maybe Spawn or The Darkness.

  2. I think the more pressing issue is the price difference between the PC. price in the UK compared to the USA. UK gamers are having to pay 25% more for the same product, we also now have to pay the same as console gamers, even though our hardware wasn’t subsidised and sold at a loss

  3. I don’t believe this, everyone knows all games owned by Xbox go into GamePass…they’ve known since before the buyout

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