Insider Gaming Review Policy

As of May 2024, Insider Gaming is officially adding game reviews to the platform. With the addition of reviews to our catalog, we want to be transparent in what goes into our review process and the decisions behind the scores.

The “Buy, Wait, Skip” Scale

At Insider Gaming, we keep things simpler with our reviews with a “Buy, Wait, Skip” scale. This way of scoring games helps answer the biggest question about a game while then letting you get more reasoning from the content of the review itself.

Should a game be especially great – almost a masterpiece, even – not only will it receive a “Buy” verdict from the reviewer, but it will receive an added distinction of being a “Must Play” game from Insider Gaming.

Why Not A Numerical Scale?

While many still use a numerical scale for their reviews, it can often become confusing depending on the points – 10, 100, 5, etc. – used for the scoring. Some may see a 6/10 and think of it as a bad game while others view it as a good or average game. We feel that it leaves too much open-endedness to the point a review is trying to make.

What We Look For In Games

When reviewing a game, we look at various factors such as gameplay, features and modes, replay factor, presentation, and more. How they all stand out separately as well as mesh together goes into deciding if a game is worth playing or not.

Who Is Reviewing Games?

Insider Gaming is a team of industry veterans who have played and reviewed hundreds of games.

Obviously everyone has unique tastes and different games will give off different feelings to the reviewer. Thus, the staff at Insider Gaming may not always unanimously agree on a game’s score. 

Each reviewer, however, has a distinct voice, and how they feel about a specific game will be respected.

Will We Ever Change A Score?

While the final decision on a review score is likely to be debated and changed prior to publishing, Insider Gaming won’t change a published review score aside from extreme circumstances that warrant an update. Should that ever happen, it will be made clear of the reasoning for the change.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about our review policy, please contact us at [email protected]