Avowed Deep Dive Confirms Countless Details


Avowed, which was recently accidentally revealed to be releasing on November 12, is shaping up to be something special. In a recent deep-dive into the Obsidian-backed RPG, countless details were confirmed, addressing many of the improvements that have taken place since earlier reveals and clarifying some key points about the title that were weighing heavily on the minds of prospective fans of this open-world, fantastical title.

Avowing to Be Great

Avowed is an all-new RPG from Obsidian, and that’s basically all you need to know. From the creative minds that birthed The Outer Worlds, Fallout: New Vegas comes Avowed, an open-ended, sumptuous role-playing title with innovative combat mechanics and incredible depth – particularly in the RPG-based elements like abilities, dialogue choices, and character customisation.

Recently, this deep-dive was uploaded to YouTube – here is 25 minutes of Avowed content:

In this breakdown, Obsidian confirms that Avowed is a first- and third-person title with almost endless options to carve out your own story. That includes mixing and matching abilities on the fly and scrapping your character build to flesh out a new one at the press of a button if you so desire. It’s a multi-faceted game that welcomes various playstyles and approaches, some of which might be ‘hidden’, encouraging players to think outside of the box.

As it’s an honest Obsidian RPG, the skill trees, companion system, and dialogue menus are full-fledged and thought-provoking, really allowing players to get immersed in Avowed as they explore the story. It’s also a solid title for collectors, with there being an in-game tier system for loot, and everything is upgradeable and – you guessed it – customisable.

It was noted that the title is all but finished and has entered a polishing phase – which gives Obsidian a few months before the game is released in October to iron out any remaining issues.

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  1. They need to learn how to make a better looking game with better combat. The rumor is they wanted to make a large scale game but felt they couldn’t deliver that even with Microsoft so they made this. They should have brought in more help to deliver what Avowed should have been. Microsoft should buy EA next make BioWare the support studio for Obsidian alongside DICE and finally have a in house engine.

  2. Microsoft should have hired Techland to support Obsidian on this game them or Dambuster/Free Radical.

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