Black Ops 6 Nuketown Confirmed During Reveal


Here’s a tidbit of information that players will love to hear, even if it’s one of the most predictable things to come out of the recent Call of Duty reveal. Black Ops 6 will have a fresh iteration of Nuketown, following in the footsteps of almost every Black Ops title since 2010’s inaugural outing of the sub-series.

In a screenshot captured during the recent reveal, a multiplayer lobby on Black Ops 6 was captured, showcasing (almost deliberately) a reference to Nuketown, the fan-favourite miniature map that has been around for almost 15 years.

Back to Nuketown

Nuketown has been reiterated several times over the years, being tweaked to suit the aesthetic of every successive Black Ops title. In Black Ops 6, the expectation is that things are no different, with the super-small, often hectic map being amended to match the look and feel of this 1990s spy-thiller-based shooter.

The last time we saw Nuketown surface was in 2020’s Black Ops Cold War.

In the image, we get a brief look at the menu UI in Black Ops 6, which reveals tabs allocated for weapons, Operators, the battle pass, customisation options, and the in-game store. It looks like the same rough layout Call of Duty has had for several years, but if it isn’t broken, then it shouldn’t be fixed, right?

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t a screenshot captured in-game, but in some kind of a testing screen. It’s a static shot and not a real-world, dynamic lobby menu – there are portions of the screen blurred out, which suggests something sensitive is being kept under wraps. It might not even be the finished product.

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