Who Are the Star Wars Outlaws Voice Actors?

Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer

It’s always interesting learning about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into our favorite video games. For instance, who are the voice actors in Star Wars Outlaws? Not everyone may know their names, but you’ve likely heard the voice work previously. Here’s what you should know about the cast!

All Star Wars Outlaws Voice Actors

As of right now, the cast of Star Wars Outlaws voice actors remains relatively small. It’s likely we’ll see additional actors join the team as we get closer to release day. For now, here’s who you can look forward to hearing throughout the single-player adventure:

  • Humberly González voices Kay Vess
  • Dee Bradley Baker voices Nix
  • Caolan Byrne voices Sliro
  • Jay Rincon voices ND-5
  • Angie Russo – Performance Capture
  • Jacob Price – Storm Trooper (Voices)

Humberly González is perhaps the most well-known member of the Star Wars Outlaws voice cast. She has appeared in numerous movies, video games, and television series, including Far Cry 6, Nurses, Slumberland, and Orphan Black.

Who is Kay Vess in Star Wars?

Kay Vess, of the planet Cantonica, fought tooth and nail for her spot as a galaxy-spanning thief of immense renown. She’s wanted by most governments, including the Galactic Empire, but carries out her jobs with a flourish, thanks in no small part to the help of her companion, Nix.

In Star Wars Outlaws, the designers opted to make her more likable and, seemingly, a rookie to thievery overall. She’s meant to feel relatable.

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