Will Star Wars Outlaws Be Multiplayer? – Answered

Will Star Wars Outlaws have multiplayer? These days, it seems like every new release features a multiplayer component tacked on as an afterthought. When this happens, the single-player mode generally falls by the wayside. Let’s find out if that’s in the cards for Outlaws!

Is Star Wars Outlaws Multiplayer?

It’s odd, considering many developers choose to forego single-player experiences in favor of live-service multiplayer games. But here’s Ubisoft, switching things up for the better, right? Star Wars Outlaws is a single-player experience through and through. There is no multiplayer mode, which is a welcome sight.

Personally, I’ve grown tired of single-player stories tossed by the wayside in favor of yet another cookie-cutter competitive shooter. It’s old, and I welcome an enthralling tale to spend tens of hours invested in!

Is Star Wars Outlaws Open World?

Yes! You, playing as Kay Vess, have a massive open world to explore, with seemingly multiple planets to tackle missions on and around. In the gameplay demo that we saw last year, the player controlling Kay Vess snuck through an enemy compound, engaged in a blast fight, sped off on a speeder bike, turned in a mission for some coin, and then took off in a starship to engage enemies in space. This all happened within the span of ten minutes, give or take, and it’s a lot to consider.

It’s unclear precisely how many planets we can explore or how big each one is, but we know the game does not feature the usual Far Cry-style towers necessary to unlock more of the map!

Star Wars Outlaws promises to shake up this summer’s gaming lineup, though many want to know whether you can play as a male character. Insider Gaming has the answer!