Can You Play As a Male in Star Wars Outlaws? – Answered

Star Wars Outlaws Game World
Image via Ubisoft

People these days love to create characters or customize them to suit their image. Whether it’s based on their likeness or simply their internal desires, it’s fun to create a character. But some single-player stories don’t offer the opportunity. For instance, can you play as a male in Star Wars Outlaws?

Can You Play As a Male in Star Wars Outlaws?

Unfortunately, you cannot play as a male character in Star Wars Outlaws. You cannot create a character in Star Wars Outlaws. It’s a single-player adventure game with a story to tell, meaning the main character, Kay Vess, is set in stone. You’ll play as Kay, alongside her companion Nix, completing jobs, fighting, and stealing across the galaxy.

It’s said to be one of the biggest Star Wars games to date, with a massive open world to explore. But thankfully, there supposedly won’t be any Far Cry-style radio towers to climb to help you unlock portions of the map!

Can You Customize Your Character in Star Wars Outlaws?

While you cannot play as a male in Star Wars Outlaws, can you customize Kay Vess?

To some extent, you can alter Kay Vess’ appearance by swapping out unique outfits. It’s unclear whether these outfits become available and unlockable simply by playing through the story or if you must spend real money on microtransactions.

That said, this is a Ubisoft game, and, like its recent Assassin’s Creed titles, we fully expect Star Wars Outlaws to include its own in-game store.

Insider Gaming excitedly awaits more information about Star Wars Outlaws. In the meantime, we have a growing library of game guides to help you out of a tough spot!