Star Wars Outlaws Jabba The Hut Mission Locked Behind Paid Season Pass

Star Wars Outlaws Jabba

The release of Star Wars Outlaws may still be months away, but people are already frustrated with the game before even playing. The latest comes as it’s been discovered that a mission in Star Wars Outlaws featuring Jabba the Hut is going to be locked behind its Season Pass.

According to the game’s website, the Jabba’s Gambit mission requires players to buy either the $109.99 gold edition or $129.99 ultimate edition.

As far as the mission itself, the description for it reads:

“Just as Kay is putting together a crew for the Canto Bight heist, she receives a job from Jabba the Hutt himself. Turns out that ND-5 owes Jabba a debt from years ago, and he has come to collect…”

As of now, it’s unknown if there will be more Jabba the Hut content in Star Wars Outlaws. With him being a part of the game’s story trailer, it could be assumed that he’ll be a larger part of the game. Still, locking any missions behind a season pass isn’t something that’s going to sit well with fans.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Ubisoft for comment on this, and to see if the mission will become available to all players at some point after launch. Should a response be received, this story will be updated accordingly.

Star Wars Outlaws launches August 27 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

What do you think of Star Wars Outlaws locking the Jabba the Hut mission behind it’s Season Pass paywall? For more Insider Gaming, read about Nintendo deciding to not attend Gamescom 2024.

  1. We back to Battlefront 2 shenanigans with this one. Can’t wait to spend money to be allowed to spend more money to be able to waste time… Or spend more money.

  2. Not to mention the game isn’t even due to release in the next few months but they are already cutting out content for DLC. It tells me all I need to know about the quality of the rest of the game. They try to maximize their profits in such a way mostly with games they know are gonna be ass.

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