Phil Spencer Confirms More Xbox Games Are Coming to Other Platforms

Phil Spencer Xbox

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that more Xbox games will be available on other platforms in the future.

It’s been a wild past few months for Xbox, with rumors of its first-party games coming to other platforms. First, rumors started to swirl that one, then two, and eventually, all of Xbox’s first-party games would be coming to other platforms. After weeks of rumors seemingly increasing the scope of this change in strategy, Xbox finally addressed the rumors in a business podcast. After confirming that four games would jump ship to other platforms, Phil Spencer said this was “not a change to our fundamental exclusive strategy.” But just a few months later, that strategy has seemingly been flipped on its head.

During a new IGN First interview, Spencer again addressed the neverending rumors, but with a completely different answer from the first time. “You are going to see more of our games on more platforms, and we just see that as a benefit to the franchises that we’re building, and we see that from players, and the players love to be able to play,” Spencer said.

The answer was a complete 180 from the one from a few months back, and while company plans always change, Xbox’s strategy is still unclear in the grand scheme of things. Apparently, all of these decisions are part of Xbox’s “Project Latitude,” which, as far as the most recent rumors go, consists of games being “considered” for rival platforms. So, basically, Project Latitude doesn’t mean much to anyone until the green light has been given on said games, including the players and the developers behind the games.

This is where we’re at with the confusion around Xbox and the rumors surrounding it. It’s quite blatantly obvious that some people at Xbox are divided, too, and have resorted to feeding (often inaccurate or incomplete) information to journalists and content creators to stir the pot. It’s clear that Xbox has at least one unhappy bunny in the know of these decisions, and Xbox leadership needs to get a firm grip on what it wants to do.

Where this lands for Xbox is anyone’s guess. Personally, I don’t really care. But this first-party to other platforms saga needs to end with direct answers. What games will be available on other platforms? When will they be coming? And how much will they cost?


What do you think of the first four games that Xbox is bringing to other consoles? For more Insider Gaming, check out the latest on EA Sports College Football 25.

  1. There is no point to Xbox just stop making consoles. Phil, Booty, Bond, and for sure Greenberg need to go.

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