EA Sports College Football 25 Reveal Coming In May

EA Sports College Football 25

EA Sports has finally given fans an update on its upcoming college football game, EA Sports College Football 25. The studio updated the game’s social media profiles on Thursday, revealing that the full reveal of the game is coming in May.

In addition to the announcement of when the reveal is coming, EA Sports released the official logo for the game, a teaser trailer, and confirmed that the game will release “this summer”.

Sources have told Insider Gaming on multiple occasions that the game was scheduled for a launch in July.

It’s already been confirmed that the game will see both Road to Glory and Dynasty Mode. Aside from that, however, not much else is known.

Back in January, a report ran claiming that EA Sports was going to provide an update on the game during the College Football National Championship Game on January 8. That never happened, and Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw was told at the time that “there was never a plan” for anything to be shown during the game.

EA Sports College Football 25 is the first college football game since 2013’s NCAA Football 2014.

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